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A superb and well-equipped shopping plaza in Mohali, lined up to become the place where people meet, greet, dine, shop and enjoy!Numerous advantages such as open-air appeal, wide spaces, chic upscale ambiance, and convenience make CONNAUGHT PLAZA the most obvious go-to place for Mohali Residents.

Connaught Plaza’s location on the 200ft wide International Airport road going through TDI City gives it a commendable advantage.Spacious, lavishly appointed, panoramic and pragmatic by virtue of being the plaza’s aesthetic design makes shopping or dining there an unforgettable experience. The addition of a spectacular outdoor area provides a very European high street ambiance, where cozy boutiques and hidden treasures beckon from pretty windows.


  • Exceptional apartment homes for people who share our passion for design and details, at TDI CITY MOHALI with more than 10,000 approx. families in the surrounding society of TDI CITY.
  • Hundreds of families living in a city more beautiful, more comfortable, more efficiently run than they could have ever imagined.
  • TDI Club at TDI CITY MOHALI creates the perfect setting for you and your family to explore, bond, laugh, feast and make memories that will last forever.
  • A city taking shape today, for the citizens of tomorrow. A city that has been envisioned, planned and built in the mind before the first brick was laid. A city that combines the finest design and engineering skills with matchless beauty, showcasing the best of both, spread over in 350 acres.
  • Upcoming High Primary Schools, Hospitals, and Nursing Homes.













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